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Chelsea Harbour London

Private Client

This project was part of a product sourcing for a renovated apartment in Chelsea Harbour, London.

The large open space with a huge amount of natural light and overseeing the Thames, was part of the reason that made the client accept our suggestion of bright colours, that would bring the sun inside the flat. I kept the clients sofa, updating her sofa fabric and cushions, and I complemented this big piece with a bespoke patterned rug. This was the piece that connected all the living room.

The living room was kept tidy by creating a simple but elegant TV unit to accommodate all the cables and boxes  . A corner rest armchair was a special request from the client and was designed to fit her needs and to give her a peaceful reading corner. The windows were dressed but not covered making all the living and dining spaces part of the outside terrace facing the Thames.

In the Dining area a new extendable table, and fancy mirrored sideboard reflecting the stripped wallpaper gave the note for long dinners in a funky and bright space.

photo: IvoTavares Studio for Adore my Home

styling and cordination: Catarina Marcao

interior design: Catarina Marcao

product design: Catarina Marcao

made by: Interdesign

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