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Mayfield Lavender Fields

Mayfield Lavender is a family-run organic lavender farm on the Surrey Downs 30 minutes driving from London.

When you arrive to this farm the colours and the smells transport you, straight away to the french lavender fields of Provence.

It's impossible to come to this place and not behave like a child and just run across the lavender paths, specially when the sun is out.

My advice is definitely go there during the week as it can be busy on the weekends. If you are so lucky as us, you will have an amazing sunny end of day. Oh and make sure to make it between June and August when the fields are in flowers and not harvested yet.

They have a small coffee shop and a shop, that sells lavender and all the products that you can think that can be made of it, essential oils, tea, honey, chocolate and a lot of other things.

Have a look on the photos and get inspired.

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