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Hi Urban Lemon lovers! Clean and pastel bedrooms continue to be a trend, and at this time of uncertainty and tension this can be the way to create the perfect paradise in your own house. The use of light woods, pastel fabrics, and symmetrical elements is the way to achieve this clean look. Additionally, your bedroom will look organized all the time, even when you leave a pile of book on the side of the bed. This example from Patricia Bustos for Blossom Studio, shows how to play with different textures in the same pallet of colours. Having the headboard and lights as the main focal point of the bedroom, will make you feel like you are in a chic Palm Spring's hotel room.

The same thing in this bedroom of Alisha Marie, a very Southern California feminine vintage boho inspired, transforming a white canvas in a chic, hotel style space.

The paneling, the marble wall, the gold and boho detail give to this pastel tone bedroom a spacious and easy look.

On this image the American brand Article combines the sumptuous velvet pink armchairs, Matrix with a vintage 70's headboard in a great sky blue colour.

The plants in the bedroom and the structured symmetry of the bedroom pieces, give to the bedroom a tidy and organized look.


  • Use the same kind of pieces in both sides of your bed, to give more balance to the room and to keep a triangle balance. the decor should have the same kind of weight both sides.

  • Use light colours for a peaceful space.

  • Mix textures if you are working with similar colours.

  • Make the headboard, armchairs or center piece in the wall in the center of the bedroom stand out giving it a different colour, pattern, or texture.

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