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​Today I decided to cook this impressive bouillabaisse recipe from Marcelo Tully.

Marcello Tully as mention on Great British Chefs website, started his career at fourteen, and he may not have anticipated working on the beautiful island of Skye, but then he probably didn't expect to be crafting some of the most exquisitely refined Scottish- influenced food on the planet, either.

I will show you my main ingredients and the result comparison with the original, but keep in mind this is from the great chefs to your table, so differences are visible, very visible. But it will help you creating great food and enjoying much more the time you pass on your kitchen. Plus a nice presented table means nice presented dishes, so keep improving that "food decor".

Essential in this and all the recipes that I will present you, the ingredients. I am everyday more and more aware of the difference that good ingredients make on a dish, and on our body, so avoid getting your fish and veggies from the supermarket and go to your local market and small shops. Most of the if not all supply from local farmers, and you can taste it. 

This are the amazing mussels and fish that I got from the fishmongers next door to us in Tooting Broadway, Fish Universe, I go there more than once a week and their fish is the same quality as I get in Portugal, and trust me that is hard when you live in central London.

The recipe requires two hours of your time, but to be honest this are mostly the time to make the boil the sauce ingredients, that you can even keep for a second time, as the amount of sauce you get from the standard recipe is loads, so you can just froze for your next dinner party.

You will need a travel to the fishmongers and another to the market but trust me the result is great.

I had to my food some carrot and potato mash, but you can have it also with tender stem broccoli steamed.

Very important cook with the same wine you will drink with your food, as the saying "The better the wine, the better the dish", and is not wasting trust me you will taste the difference. 

We got a Sauvignon Blanc, from New Zealand, Oyster Bay and it connected really well with the fish.

Now the real thing, this is the image from the website....not too bad for a first time!

Enjoy and share your recipes with us on our instagram, tag _urbanlemon_


  • Use fresh ingredients;

  • Cook extra sauce and froze it for a next time;

  • Use the app Vivino and get a white wine that is a 4.0 rate, cook with it and serve it cold;

  • Try to copy the presentation the more you can on your first times before you get creative, the chefs know it better.

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